Collection: Flash Frozen Shop

Handcrafted and naturally sweetened.

Flash Frozen products are shipped frozen in insulated packaging and may thaw in transit. They can be eaten right away or refrozen without compromise to quality and freshness.

Gluten Free / Vegan / Keto

We bake vegan, gluten free and keto muffins too! These are baked in a kitchen that processes common food allergens. We cannot guarantee that trace amounts of undesirable ingredients will not be present.


Dayolds & Imperfects

Enjoy 20% off our day old and imperfect muffins! These muffins are delivered frozen and can be devoured once thawed. Leave on the counter for up to 2 days and enjoy when the craving calls. Note: These are mixed or single flavour boxes of whatever we have in stock. Every box is a surprise! (meaning you won't be able to select your flavours).