Our mission is to nourish your family with healthy, handcrafted muffins.


Mary Legakis Engel


Shortly before Covid-19 struck, my husband came home from the grocery store one Saturday with 2 bags of muffin mix. He wanted an easy breakfast or snack option for the family.

​While I happily indulged in the delectable snack for a while, my conscience was seizing as I began to observe my toddler consuming these sugar filled muffin cups, to which we proudly were adding chocolate chips. I let this dilemma carry on for about a month or so, all the while searching the grocery stores for healthier muffin options. I came up empty handed.

Then one day a post came across my feed with healthy muffin recipes. My conscience let out a huge sigh of relief. I made them. My family loved them. Since then I have taken my own spin on healthy homemade muffins, and they just keep getting healthier and tastier. So I wondered... if I started making fresh, healthy muffins here in Oakville, delivering them to health-conscious parents like myself, would it fly? I took to social media to find out... and here we are.

We baked our first batch of muffins and delivered a sold out batch on October 6th, 2020, out of a community kitchen in Bronte, Oakville.

On National Muffin Day, and Family Day - February 20th, 2023 - we opened our first bakery and cafe in Kerr Village.

I hope you enjoy our healthy handcrafted muffins.