Mary Legakis Engel is an entrepreneur, wife and mom based in Oakville, Ontario. Mary holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Rotman School of Management and has worked in professional services for over 23 years as a management and leadership consultant and executive coach. Most recently, Mary founded Mary’s Muffins, which is her first endeavour in the retail and food services space.

As the leader of a top tier executive coaching and consulting firm, Mary’s business clients collectively generated over $150 million in incremental profits by working with The Management Coach. Mary sold her business in 2023 to give herself the time and space necessary to launch Mary’s Muffins – Muffin Bakery and Café.

Mary’s childhood passion for baking was re-kindled in 2020 after her husband came home with muffin mix from the grocery store. Mary searched for healthier muffins to feed her toddler, but when she came up empty handed, she started baking her own. In September 2020, Mary secured her food handler’s certificate and began baking in a community commercial kitchen alongside some of Oakville’s foremost caterers and chefs. She now bakes more than 40,000 muffins each year to help other busy parents nourish their families.