A special touch for every box

A special touch for every box

Alongside healthy and delicious muffins, we at Mary’s Muffins pride ourselves in being known for our hospitality and going the extra mile for our valued customers. Good customer service isn't sufficient. It goes much further for us: warmly greeting every single customer that walks in, holding ourselves to the highest standard of quality when serving food and drinks, connecting with our customers and remembering their names, even if they’ve only popped by a handful of times. At Mary’s Muffins we strive to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone, adopting an old school approach to treat our customers as if they are guests in our own homes.

A lot of the time what this translates to is an extra touch, the little details that may go unnoticed but we will always pay attention to. Bringing your muffins and drinks to your table, raiding through our dayolds to find your favourite flavours so you don’t have to, remembering a customer’s name or their go-to order, even if you’ve only dropped by a couple of times. It can be the small things that make the difference.

We’re confident in what we bake and what we serve but for us that’s not enough. It’s also in the presentation. A hot latte always hits the spot when you need that caffeine boost, but a hot latte with a cute heart on top served with a smile is that extra step. Or maybe you’re making a catering order for the whole office, a treat for your coworkers is always a good move but when they walk in to see one of our beautiful breakfast boards carefully crafted, garnish and all, that extra attention is sure to make things feel extra special. Good food is good food no matter what, but let’s be honest, just the same way coffee tastes better when someone else makes it for you, good food presented in a pleasing way always takes the cake (no pun intended). 

catering photo breakfast board

This is why when you walk into our store for a half dozen muffins from the counter, you’ll walk out not only with some delicious muffins, but a half dozen muffins packed up in a cute little box and sealed with one of our Mary’s Muffins stickers. We could choose to use the same plastic clamshells we sell our flash frozen muffins in but we know the white box with the handle is not only more environmentally friendly it just looks nicer. We could also close it up and send you on your way, but sealing it off with a sticker adds the finishing, special touch.

The amazing thing about the stickers too is that it allows us to keep making steps towards making your purchase special. While most of the time we use our branded Mary’s Muffins stickers on muffin boxes, bags, and cups, we also have special stickers printed when those muffins are gifted to someone important to you. From gifting Valentine’s Day gifts, for the winter holidays, to stickers that simply let your loved one know you’re thinking of them, we’ve got it covered! We find it an excellent way to make things special, and good for us, it’s incredibly easy to add new stickers with different greetings and sentiments. We order our stickers from Sticker Canada. They have made it incredibly easy to order stickers in any size and shape, and they have lots of different formats and finishes. Their prints are perfect every time because of their online behind the scenes proofing and approval process. And when it comes to delivery, nobody beats their timelines.

So next time you pick up a gable box of goodies from us, know that we have made every effort to make it special. To add that extra touch that will make your day.

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