Freshness preserved with flash freezing

How do bakeries do it? How do they deliver hundreds of baked goods on a daily basis and still have them taste and look fresh?

They do this thing called Flash Freezing. The basic idea is this: reduce the temperature of the baked good to hard-as-a-rock frozen in under 2 hours. By doing this, the molecular structure of the baked good is retained. The quality, taste and texture of the item is preserved so that it's just like fresh when it thaws. And it can be re-frozen with no negative effects.

At Mary's Muffins we use flash freezing to give you more muffin options. It allows us to deliver multiple flavours to our customers at any given time. Our muffins taste just as good when thawed from frozen as if they had been just pulled out of the oven and left to cool. If you don't think so, test us... send me a note and we'll do a taste test. If you aren't completely satisfied that our frozen are just as good as our fresh, you'll get free fresh muffins for a month. Guaranteed.