Our environmental choices

Our environmental choices

We have been very deliberate in how we produce and package our muffins to ensure we minimize our environmental impact.  While we still have a ways to go, here are a few of our current efforts.

Muffin Containers

Our muffin packaging is made from PET plastic making it entirely recyclable in your curbside recycling bin. After studying the state of recycling in our area and across Canada, speaking with manufacturers of compostable plastic containers, and consulting with Halton's waste management department, we concluded that PET plastic was the most sustainable option given the current capabilities of the local waste management systems.

While compostable plastics seem like the right approach, these packages can only be composted in specialized commercial facilities. Unfortunately the current waste management program in our area does not accommodate compostable plastics. If placed in your curbside compost bin these packages will contaminate the existing recycling program. If placed in the regular garbage they will remain in the landfill and won't decomposed because they won't be exposed to the light and environment required for their decomposition. The only upside here is that they will not leak environmentally toxic compounds.

We hope to move to compostable plastic for our flash frozen muffins once facilities permit. At the present time, our PET containers remain the most feasible and convenient option for our customers.

You can recycle your PET containers complete with their labels in your blue bin. You do not need to remove the labels.

Muffin Liners

Our muffin liners have been selected because they are 100% compostable and they cause minimal stick to our muffins. We chose muffin liners because without them the water consumption to wash the muffin tins was simply wasteful. Please place muffin liners in your compost bin.

Shipping Packaging 

All of our shipping packaging is curbside recyclable in your blue bin, including the bag and insulation. 

We will continue to find ways to minimize our waste. If you have ideas to share, please send them along!

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