Updated delivery rates

Updated delivery rates


As the prices of our raw ingredients continue to rise, we are no longer able to subsidize delivery fees as we have been for the past year. Rather than increasing the price of our muffins, we have decided to adjust our delivery rates to ensure we can continue to nourish your family at a reasonable price.

Going forward, FREE DELIVERY is available on orders over $65, and will continue to be free for first time customers with promo code 1STDELIVERYFREE.

DISCOUNTED DELIVERY is available on orders between $50-$65 for $10 in our local area, and $12 for our extended areas.

The delivery fee for orders under $50 will be $14 for our local area, and $16 for our extended areas, which represents the full out-of-pocket cost to package and courier the muffins.

We appreciate your understanding as we make these very difficult changes to ensure our business remains, well, in business.


Pick-up this winter will be available on Wednesdays 9:15-3:00 and Fridays 9:15-3:00 pm at our kitchen. Orders placed by noon on any of these days can be picked-up same day. 

Please view our update delivery policy for details.

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